All Hail the L.A. Strip Mall! - Studio City


STOP 1: Local Sushi @ Sushi Dan

Stepping out onto the packed parking lot you may not realize you've entered a tiny world within Studio City. A notion to be realized by the nights end, when you’ve wandered no more that 500 feet from where you currently stand. The reservation for your table during the 8 o’clock hour is set and through the window the sushi joint is buzzing. After walking down the long hallway and turning the corner for your table the welcome shouts of the chefs surprisingly explode with an enthusiasm long lost in the valley. This is no under the radar sushi place but the service is quick and the sake is beautifully priced. After you've indulged and the crowds fill up in the waiting hall its time to journey to the far reaches of this world. To a spot where the locals lay.

Alternative: If sushi isn't your cup of tea there are a few great Indian restaurants next door: Lal Mirch and Bollywood Cafe.


Definitely make a reservation at 8 o’clock. Strangely enough they can get pretty busy. Request a table in the front, or near the orange wall. The back can get a bit loud, crammed.

The sushi isn’t anything to go crazy about but staples have to be the albacore crispy onion, rock n roll baked roll (if thats your thing)…and lots and lots of sake.

STOP 2: Stiff Drinks, Fast Darts and Quick Friends @ Residuals Tavern

Turning right from Sushi Dan, you'll head to the wall with the flags hoisted high above the door. Residuals, formerly known as Maeve’s, is a historic “locals” bar hiding in the corner of the plaza. As you pass through the tavern door you may notice a birthday celebration commandeering the high tops while bumping shoulders with some LA Kings fans throwing darts. As you enjoy a beer or a stiff cocktail the crowd will become upbeat and chatty. After playing some 90's tune from the "jukebox" you'll fall into a dart game while getting explained the "rules of the house". If you’ve found yourself here on a Sunday the karaoke should be in full swing. As 10 pm rolls around you start concocting your plan to journey to the other side of this strange land because the band just started their first set.


You’ll first arrive there in the earlier side of things. The darts will be the hang for sure, grob one of the tables to the right.

If you’re cruising in on Sunday it’s karaoke night…the one Bieber made famous. He still comes in from time to time. It’s a blast and get’s going around 9:30pm.

Whiskey at Residuals Tavern

Stop 3: Live tunes @ The Fox and Hounds

A quick 30-second stroll past your original destination leads you into the wonderfully british Fox and Hounds. When the friendly bouncer opens the door the interior erupts with the exaltation of middle aged America hearing “their song” for the first time since high school. Initially you notice the awkward set up forcing the unadventurous against the dartboard. You've already beaten your fare share of "locals" so after you’ve scored a cocktail from the bar and ducked past the bass player you'll be right where you were meant to be, the dance floor. But this is not the end the journey through a tiny world of merely 500 feet from darts to bands to karaoke. Now you must drink, dance, and repeat.


The bands usually start around 10pm. We are always running into the Jetlemons there…they are super fun. Highly suggest planning around them.

The dance room is pretty tight but scoring a table on the far end will make the party that much better.

The fun is being able to dance to a few songs, have a drink then during a break run back over to Residuals to have some laughs and a game of darts…then cruise back to the Fox and Hounds to finish off right.



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