Life's Truly Better in Rollerskates

Stop 1: Cocktails at The San Fernando

A northbound train screams behind you as you walk down the industrial road on the East end of Glendale. A local paint shop’s faded sign and a strip clubs buzzing neon lights glow in the distance. In front of you is a new kid to the block, your first stop: The San Fernando. Upon entering you notice the local neighborhood joint is a perfect mash up of friendly vibes, dive bar aesthetics, and a charm that resembles a 1920s train station. The bartender pleasantly waves you to seats close to him and introduces himself with gusto. You may think this is a beer joint but they’re known for mixing up them spirits. Request an old fashioned and a spicey mezcal foamed concoction and watch as the mixologist goes to work in his unpretentious t-shirt and jeans. When the drinks arrive your first sip conjures up visions of a rooftop club in DTLA but you’re pleasantly 25 yards from the tracks a few miles south of Burbank. The other bar goers keep to themselves as you laugh with the bartender and chat about the days headaches. After your first drink slides down your gullet faster than you anticipated you realize there’s no time for another…you’ve got a dinner to catch.

Stop 2: Beer and Bites at The Golden Road Brewery

Jetting across the track you’re groups mystery walk turns into questions of if they’re in the right place. Trucking companies and dimly lit warehouses adorn the dark street before you’re graced with the presence of your next stop, the massive Golden Road Brewery. Beaming lights and happy beer drinkers welcome you as you round the hedges into the front entrance. A Disneyland for craft beer drinkers, outdoor games and wide open spaces are covered with happy bearded men and cheersing ladies. Taking your seat you quickly notice the menu isn’t full of standard bar food but an eclectic sampling of both vegan and non-vegan dishes. You opt for some avocado tacos and mango cart mussels along with two pints of beer. It’s an easy place to get lost into conversation while food and drinks easily go down. When you’ve finished a beer, or two and licked the plates clean continue round the tracks for a rink of historic proportions.

Stop 3: Skate it Up at Moonlight Rollerway

The classic building is impossible to miss as you walk up to Moonlight Rollerway. Colorful lights, neon signs, and a crowd that’s feeling the vibe make the scene more special than it already is. After you pay at the window you’re buzzed into roller paradise. Upon scanning the scene you’re transported to the mid 70’s full of bell bottoms, fringe jackets, much too tight clothes and sparkling everything. when you’re sucked back into “reality” you jet to the rental booth for your key to the action. Amidst Insta husbands hooking their gals up with solid gold and fearful first timers scrambling to hold onto anything you find a locker before securing your 4 wheels of freedom. It may have been 10 years or 10 days before your last rink time but it always is exciting getting your first rip around the rink. Said bellbottoms, fringe jackets and tight shirts storm past you in a blaze of roller disco glory. Couples hold hands while friends skate between legs, you make new friends while old ones disappear in the madness. Alone on your two feet you happily move, shake and spin without a worry in the world, just then you spot your crew, time for a group ride…