Your Mission To The Adventurers' Club


Pre Stop: Head into Stop 2 (Lincoln Kitchen & Tap) to buy your friend/date a drink and write a fun note to them. It’s cheesy but a nice touch ;)

Stop 1: Meet the Adventurers’ @ The Adventurers’ Club

You easily pass the unmarked door at 2433 N. Broadway in Lincoln Heights. As the evenings regular post work traffic buzzes by and friends head to their happy hour of choice you question whether this is the right spot. After opening the door and peering up the stairs you see a stuffed polar bear and are relieved to know you’re in the right spot for the Adventurers’ Club. As you ascend to the 2nd floor more artifacts come into view, it’s a mix between a museum, a VA Hall and a secret society you’ve seen in movies. You sign in and slowly enter the dining hall where some of the members are rapping out beneath yet more incredible artifacts. Naturally you pull up to the quasi tiki bar named Peterman’s Pub to discuss what is going on with the bartender. They older gentlemen are happy you made it as they take your word for it that you paid on-line. With an incredible mai tai joke the bartender steers you towards grabbing a beer or a glass of wine. With drink in hand you wander the premises eyeing up everything from shrunken heads to WWII maps to weapons from ancient lands. Sticking out like a sore thumb Bernie Harris, the resident second man in charge, asks you to sign up for the newsletter via a slip of paper and decides to give you an in depth tour. After 20 minutes of visiting his personal effects and meeting more members you head into dinner to grab some chow and chat with the boys. They claim they don’t come for the food but instead for the brotherhood as they tell you harrowing stories from Vietnam, real life “who done its” murder mysteries in the Caribbean and lifetime pursuits to end child prostitution. These are incredible men, who have no doubt done incredible things. Just then the bell rings and the procession heads to the main hall for the evenings speaker. An hour or so later you exit onto the Broadway traffic and scene blown away by what just happened. You turn to your friend and ask if they’d like to grab a beer, it’s time to download.

Stop 2: Download After the Adventurers’ @ Lincoln Kitchen & Tap

As you walk down Broadway you can’t help but laugh at the incredible quantum leap you took from the old school world of the Adventurers’ Club. It’s almost as if your mind has been inundated with information you never knew existed in this day and age. That’s when the Lincoln Kitchen & Tap comes into view, a friendly reminder of the 21st century. After taking a seat at one of the high tops you’re surprisingly delighted to see walls adorned with street style art and music you know the words to playing.  Heading to the bar you point out the “buy your friend a drink” wall. A few hours earlier on your way to the Adventurers’ Club you bought a drink for your buddy with a note about your leap into Adventurers’ Glory. It’s a fun addition to your night which has been filled with humbling adornment of anyone who came into contact with it. Sipping your IPA and glass of wine you reminisce about the good ol’ boys you spent the night with and proclaim you’ll be back very soon. The modern backdrop slowly sucks you back into the year 2019 with ESPN updates of Lebron’s team and group laughing along with the weeks closing. After you’ve finished your final sip and head out to the world you smile as you think of the Adventurers’ and what their lives have been. Now it’s time to plan your adventure and resume for the club…