Sip on Vino and Soak Up A Vista in a Golden Era Adventure


Stop 1: Wine Toast @ Bar Covell

The early evenings sun glistens against the ivy covered brick building of Bar Covell to illuminate a “not so LA” typical hangout. Once you pass through the door it’s not so typical innards expose a relaxed yet fun wine scene. After scouring the old school décor, an eclectic mix of Americana and Europeean charm, you slowly address the bar. With only a few wines written on their short menu you’re not sure what to order until you’re asked politely what you’re feeling that like. The knowledgeable wine master conjures up tastings to tantilize your senses in order to gain the ultimate approval from your pleasure centers. After a few samples you select a glass for the stop and decide to take your place outside.  Slowly you enjoy your Cote du Rhone and Nebbiolo while watching the traffic pass by between conversation about the past, present, and future. As the wine glasses slowly dwindle to empty and the sun begins to inevitably set you square up the bill after scoring a bottle to go. You’ve got a hidden patio to attend to.

Stop 2: Hidden Patio Wood Fired Pizza @ The Sit Down

The Hollywood Blvd. traffic whizzes by empty tables outside The Sit Down. Questioning whether to head inside you open the door to fan fare and a flaming pizza oven turning the room an orange glow. Once waved back down the hallway you make several turns before exiting onto the back patio, which feels more like a set from an Audrey Hepburn film than anything. Take your seats at a picnic bench and relax in the cool air like a European. Before you even ask a bottle opener is being brought for your bottle to be pleasantly corked by your waitress. With glass of wine in hand you delve into the menu but can’t shake the memory of the wood fired pizza oven. Order an Il Diavlo or Fig Prosciutto pie with confidence as the string bulbs begin to illuminate the post sunset haze. Within minutes your smoking hot pizzas arrive with a resonating gasp. Glasses of wine are poured amid arms reaching over each other to sneak a slice. As soon as it began the bubbling pizzas are devoured and the bottles of wine have their last drops poured.

Stop 3: Catch a Flick at a Legend @ The Vista

The rapidly changing intersection of Hollywood, Sunset and Virgil adorns construction fences and darkened buildings ready for rehab. In the midst of this gentrifying metamorphosis is a shining beacon of Hollywood’s past that’s outlasted most migrations of the city, The Vista Theater. Multi colored exposed bulbs spell out the namesake in a classic fashion not seen in modern America. As you pleasantly make your way under the vintage piece you notice the ground is a collection of hand prints of Hollywood’s past. A welcome homage to the famed Chinese Theater not 8 blocks West. Try your size at Swingers greats Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau or Elvira, yes that Elvira. After paying at the hieroglyphic laden booth you appreciatively step inside the hallowed hall. At first you’re surprised by the commitment to the Egyptian theme but then you see the popcorn prices! With bucket in hand take the short walk into the darkened theater before plopping down into your well worn creaky seat. As the light turn lower and the preparatory intro from 1975 hits the screen you’ll relax and soak in the history that’s been surrounding you.