Walk The Path of Rock Icons before Dining Like Rockstars


Stop 1: Sunset Wine Toast @ Obica Mozzarella Bar e Cucina

Sunset Blvd’s buzzy pre-evening vibe swarms the sidewalk cafés and open air drinking joints as you head to your first location. The classic Sunset Plaza isn’t only great for it’s ease of parking but also housing the easy to choose drinking joint Obica Mozzerella Bar e Cucina. Coasting through the sidewalk tables and dimly lit bar you post up on the back patio counter over looking West Hollywood and a litany of Maseratis, Mercedes, and motorcycles in the back lot. You keep your eye on the sunset view prize as you order a red wine to cheers the night ahead. The sun dwindles beyond the buildings below while you sip your juice and chat about the work week. Eventually the sun extinguishes the city view and the city lights illuminate the lot below. This will mark your exit to a venue where lights and cameras are no stranger.

Stop 2: Greatest Moments in Rock History @ The Morrison Hotel Gallery

Not a handful of steps down the dark sidewalk of Alta Loma Road do you feel a hundred miles away from the Sunset Strip madness. Hidden under overgrown palms with minimal lights is the rockstar hangout of the Sunset Marquis. Once inside the belly of the beast you turn a quick right into The Morrison Hotel Gallery. Within the first second your mouth is a gap at the surreal moments caught in time strewn about the wall. From Sinatra to Mama Cass you circle the small space with excitement. Connecting with the curator you discuss the favorites and secrets hidden in the images. Next thing you know you’re invited to look through the collection hidden within the cabinets behind the desk. The Beatles first colored photos, maybe a rare David Bowie moment but what is very real is the feeling of seeing something not normally viewed by passers by.  Take in the moment and swear you’ll purchase a print before you die. Then head out to feel like Mick Jagger strolling the strip after a show.

Stop 3: Dine Like a Rockstar @ Tesse

The excitement becomes palpable as you step into the modern French experience of Tesse. Friends share cocktails at the bar while couples sample the nights intricate dishes and groups celebrate with clinks of wine glasses. You take a seat and can’t help but be mystified with the dishes passing your eyesight. In no time you’re brought up to speed with the nature of the wine and food pairing that has been so delicately prepared. Taking in the suggestion from your food guide you pick out the caviar toast, bucatini with bone marrow and the Faroe Island salmon, all to be combined with half pours of wine. Within minutes the excitement begins. Dishes and wine are poured and placed in perfect succession much like the fluid churning of a Broadway play. Salty caviar crisps balance perfectly with a celebratory prosseco. Next the bucatini is mixed in front of you as you sip a barbera d’asti. When you finish the plate you’re invited to take down a bone luge, an indulgent opportunity not to be missed. Finally the salmon’s display arrives as an art of its own along with the chenin blanc that goes down too easy. It’s difficult to bring the experience to an end but there always is a chance for dessert, you and your stomach can decide.