What you get when you combine cheeseboards, graveyards, and cult classics


Stop 1: Cheeseboard Fixings @ Larchmont Wine, Spirits, and Cheese

Young families push strollers while older couples share ice creams along the quaint quasi-midwestern strip of Larchmont Village. A few block area where window shopping is a religion you happily break through the crowd into the local legend and namesake Larchmont Wine, Spirits, and Cheese. Circling to the right as you enter you’re happily greeted by the folks working there and get an understanding of the local vibe. Perusing the wine selection you are eventually told how strict they are when it comes to making their valued selections. An exciting Chote du Rhône with an authentic labeling or a natural orange wine from the Pac Northwest would be a perfect lubricant for the Cheeseboard extravaganza you’re preparing. Circling round the back of the store you’re greeted by the somewhat endless portions of prosciuttos and goat cheese delights. A few meats, a few cheeses, some olives or two are the easiest ways to make your evening move from a simple sampling to an experts charcuterie. As you make you’re way the the register you spot an obscure bag of veggie chips and a can of sparkling Italian soda. The cherries on top for your classy picnic. Once you settle up step back onto the Larchmont family wagon and set your eyes on some sweets.

Stop 2: GF, Vegan, Treats to Go @ Erin McKenna’s Bakery

The blue door swings open to a waft of scented bakery pleasure in the snug old school feel of Erin McKennas Bakery. You lick your lips as you eye up the cinnamon rolls, donuts, and cookies but are blown away when you realize they’re all gluten free, vegan, and low glycemic. Just as you’re deciding on a half dozen to go you catch them working on a custom cake in the back. True to themselves these cakes fit their healthy mold and look incredible. As the cake artist works their magic you stare in awe and jealousy of the 35th bday party that darling of a cake is going to. Re-focusing on your agenda you each choose a few of what you think are your favorites. Blueberry donut, crumble pie, or maybe a slice of banana nut bread. With the delightfully small but flavor packed package in hand you jump out to the Larchmont excitement again. This time it’s to your car for a ride to your evenings glorious finale.

Stop 3: Put it All Together @ Cinespia

Turning on to Santa Monica Blvd. the Cinespia energy is already palpable. Couples dragging their beach chairs, friends lugging pizzas on top of their old coolers and parking lot attendants screaming for your attention. Don’t mind the distractions cause you’re driving right in. As you pass the entrance and get the thumbs up from security it’s the age old race that no one wins to get the best parking spot. With crew in hand you unload your bounty of wine, cheeseboard fixings, desserts and any other supplies needed for a successful graveyard movie night. Once amid the masses on the Fairbanks lawn it’s a free for all to claim your 10 square feet of viewing pleasure. Some enjoy near the right road, others prefer a middle view, regardless you find exactly where you need to be and stake your claim with a toss of your blanket. Within moments your shoes are kicked off and the wine is happily being poured. If you’re a master of the cheeseboard you’ll have your feta and prosciutto looking delicious in no time. The sun slowly fades as your buzz falls into another category. Just when you get into the groove of lounging around the sound kicks in and reminds you why you’re there…you’ve got a classic to watch.