What happens when you mix brunch, distilleries and virtual reality?


Stop 1: Brunch @ Zinc Cafe

Walking down the ever-changing streets of the Arts District towards your first stop of the afternoon you’re sights should be more focused on the new buildings and locations sprouting out of nowhere more than how difficult parking turned out to be. Once you’ve taken the first step inside Zinc Café however all frustrations of parallel parking are forgotten and replaced with future visions of present plates passing by your consciousness. Whip cream topped waffles, pizzas with egg yolks ready for the popping, and stacked sandwiches quickly make their way to their final resting place in front of their lucky brunchers.  Seeing that you secured a reservation you confidently make your way to your sun soaked table. Pleasant waiters happily chat up the menu and serve coffee like pros. Your only challenge is deciding what to order as you scan the menu full of your standard fixings but with added lovin’. Luckily you’re with friends and know a f-tax on each of their dishes is fair game. As your conversation builds the food piles in calling for revelations and excitement amid syrup pours and hot sauce shakes. In an almost immeasurable moment the food is devoured and the coffee never empties. When you’ve had your fill and the plates are licked clean square up cause there’s literally a room full of booze waiting for you.

Stop 2: Sip on vodka and gin @ The Spirit Guild

The massive wooden doors to your second stop open much easier than you anticipated revealing a world hidden by its stain glassed windows and stucco exterior. A friendly master of spirits welcomes you in with a smile as he waves you to the bar. After letting out your intentions that you’ve come for a tour you are pleasantly greeted with shots of clear liquids, a move usually reserved for frat boys in your past life but here seems perfectly normal. It goes down smoothly and surprisingly more pleasant than your body had prepared for. More surprisingly is your reaction after he dishes up a shot of gin.  You happily swig it down just before realizing you haven’t willingly taken a shot of gin in your adult life. Then you’re off to the races. Starting in the back you learn of the ancient clementine machine and how rare it actually is to make spirits from the fruit. Next it’s discovering the different mineral make ups of water and how the distillery works. At this point you’re all enjoying a new shot of vodka and making friends with the other tourers. As the tour progresses and the conversation becomes much more friendly it turns more into a hang out than a distillery mastermind. Back in the front you continue to chat and swig then notice the balloon sign stating “all things are possible”. It’s time for your farewell but not before happily bidding farewell to your new friends, unless you want to bring them to your next location.

Stop 3: VR Gaming Mecca @ Two Bit Circus

The outside of the building seems like an eccentric cousin of the “vacant” warehouses strewn about the seemingly vacant street. After entering Two Bit Circus you realize it’s more like their the crazy uncle. You eye up all the insanity that lay ahead before you step up to the extremely fun and energetic front desk introduction. With gaming card in hand you wander between groups playing virtual boxing, Japanese games you’ve never seen, and a robotic bartender. Of course you first gravitate to the bar to grab a beer or cocktail.  Sitting at the carousel horse stools you’re almost comically suggesting a serious route to success. It’s then decided that starting with old school is the move. Skeeball welcomes you with open arms while kids and adults run past to their escape rooms or VR experience. After a few games and multiple photo shoots you must make the tricky decision of staying or leaving. Regardless you might want to reserve an escape room for later, you never know what the future may hold.