Loving Yourself, Your Partner and Your Pizza with Off the Menu


Stop 1: Love Yourself with a meditation from Sati Sangha

Walking up to the quiet office building not 4 blocks from the Santa Monica tourist insanity you second-guess yourself whether this is legit. You’ve been emailing the mysterious meditation leader Linda not knowing what to expect. As you slowly search for the Santa Monica Acupuncture & Meditation in the MC Escher like building you hear a voice calling your name. Buddha? An angel? In the far corner Linda is happily waving you to her office. She happily welcomes you into her office and invites you to take your shoes off while you chat about your reasons for showing up. As you dig into your night’s happenings you realize this mysterious character Linda is more like that cool spiritual Aunt you always wanted. After a few moments you head into the meditation room and take your seats. Linda’s practice may very from group to group but being novices in the meditation world she takes a non-guided approach and allows you to dive into your mind. The practice begins and ends with a chime of a bell and for 30 minutes your lost in the thoughts and sounds of the room. And then…ding. You’re back into the room with Linda and your crew. Entering back into the physical space is a slow process but your guide begins to dive into your experience to uncover your journey. Her brand of meditation focuses on discussing the mindfulness because that’s how you get the most out of it. After 10 minutes of opening up your attention focuses on the medical looking supplies in the room. This is the acupuncture portion of the business and Linda is more than excited to give you a taste of another experience at her behest. After everyone takes a turn at having a poke you realize it’s time to head out for the regular evening past time of Americans. You bid farewell to your Santa Monica guru because a few glasses of wine call your name.

Stop 2: Love Your Partner with a wine toast at Ester’s Wine Shop & Bar

The few blocks walk to Ester’s Wine Bar is full of chatter about your meditation experience, how much you love Linda and ways you weren’t expecting that to happen in the way it did. Turning the corner into the buzzy wine bar exposes a separate yet beautiful side of Santa Monica. It seems like most spots are taken at the bar but you squeeze in perfectly between work buddies and single 20 something’s. The couple vibes are palpable as you scour the room. From the wine wall in the back to the patio in front friends and lovers sip reds and whites while they shake off the weeks headaches. The friendly bartender graciously runs through the menu pointing out the seasonal favorites and his top picks. With Master Sommelier precision pours your glass is instantly half full with your bubbly, beer and Boujalais. The fine spirits are sipped between friendly conversation and laughs at old photos much like the thoughts of your previous encounter. After you’ve finished a glass, or two, your stomachs will be growling for something equal parts romance and delicious.

Stop 3: Love Your Pizza with a heart shaped Magical AF pie at Dagwoods

Pro Tip: Download the Off the Menu app between Feb. 6 - Feb 10 to get a free Heart Shaped Pizza. Use Code: CITY to get instant access (there’s usually a vetting process)

The tall palm tress and SoCal vibes shine as a joyous beacon from the pizza gods out of every crevasse of Dagwoods Pizza. Passing by the supreme slice wings, and saving them for later, you enter the sweet smelling local hang out. In a not so typical fashion local beers are delicately poured while slices of glitter-laden pizza are dished out to kids and 20 something’s alike. Lucky for you you’ve downloaded the Off the Menu app and are here to celebrate the best week of the year, pizza week. With a smile and scan your Magical AF Heart Shaped order is sent to the kitchens love creators. Grabbing a game by the door you pass the time with some Yahtzee as you catch some fail videos on the tvs. Then your moment comes. You may have seen the photos on Insta but the satisfaction of having the “Rainbow Edible Glitter Unicorn Puke” in your possession causes a photo-taking bonanza you never thought you’d be so excited to direct. After the love for the loving za is taken its time to devour the slices quicker than it took to shoot them. When the tray is empty and you’ve taken in your last bite allow your mind to enter that peaceful place only a romantic heart shape pizza can induce…then your friends points out all the purple glitter on your face.