DTC Secrets: The Trav-L-Bar

A 1950’s lifestyle company named EverWear, Inc. encased the glamour and class of high society in a 15x8 inch case, called the Trav-L-Bar. This little chest, complete with a lock and key, holds the perfect amount for a picnic or sunset session. Coined as having “1002 uses” it holds a couple glasses, a wine opener, a stirrer, pack of cards, and room for your vodka and tonic. My sister bought me one of these from a thrift store some years back as a gift and I've been happily using it whenever I get the chance. Fortunately, you can buy one from Ebay or Etsy starting at $25 depending on the completeness of the kit. Sunset hangs are a perfect use like the one on date #1 California Romanza. Before we all got together I swung into Jon's Market grabbing two bottles of Armenian Wine to enjoy on top of Barnsdall Park as we looked to the sun setting over the Little Armenia neighborhood. If anything, this little case gives you that extra bit of class we all need. I highly suggest picking one up. - Neal

P1190994.JPGDTC Secret The Trav-L-Bar