A Walk Down A Lesser Known Part of Sunset Blvd. - Echo Park

Pinball at Button Mash

STOP 1: Pinball @ Button Mash

Begin your weeknight around 6pm at Echo Park’s favorite barcade Button Mash.  The chorus of sounds emanating from either side of the bar instantly brings you back to the mid 90’s.  Fortunately for you its 2017 and playing Tapper is a lot more fun with an actual beer in your hand.  Wander the rows of machines allowing your ADD to take hold bouncing from one to the next. When you’ve run out of tokens and realize you have no tickets to exchange for Fun Dip or parachute men its time to head further down the road.


  • If you’re in need of an app the chicken wings here are delicious!

  • Grab a sleeve of coins from the bar for $5, it’s near impossible to go through all those at once.

  • The crowd will pour in after you get here so don’t stress on lines, unless you’re late and you get there around 9pm.

Best Wallpaper in LA

STOP 2 - Pick up a “tall boy” @ Stadium Liquors


Across the street are a few strip malls usually reserved for the LA Dodger crowds itching to grab their final tall boy to suck down as they walk up Vin Scully Drive to the game.  Head in to Stadium Wine & Beer to grab a few cervazas as you will need them for your next destination.  The brisk walk down Sunset may look a bit daunting at first, however, prepping your stomach for the taco feast that lay ahead matters most…


  • Nothing much to say here, they’ve got a pretty solid selection of beers. Choose wisely, brown bag it, carry it to the next stop.

Beer Fridge in Echo Park

STOP 3: Tacos and “Brown Bags” @ Guisados

Lines on the sidewalk in Los Angeles usually mean a few things.  The queue at Guisados falls in the “people waiting for a great treat” category.  The woman behind the front window “magically” turning freshly made masa into grilled tortillas foreshadows the delicacy that lay ahead, a handmade Latin smorgasbord.  The mood on the patio is perfectly set with music, murals and people enjoying the simplicity of their food decisions.  Don’t let the food stop your paying attention to your watch because very soon the shows about to start. 


  • Most likely there will be a line. Have one in your group cruise around the back to grab a table with the beers.

  • They hand make all their masas every day in their Boyle Heights location so most everything is delicious here. Steer clear of the 7 chili taco unless you want to burn your face off.

Guisado external patio.jpg

STOP 4: Rock Out @ Club Bahia

The occasional streetlight lines the way for the final leg of this journey, to venue showered in colorful lights.  Club Bahia is a Latin dancehall that opened in 1974 but more recently playing host to acts of all kinds during the week.  As you position yourself in the center of the dance floor you’ll notice the neon lit bathroom sign reads “Caballeros” and the interesting interior is something less seen in your typical LA venue.  Just then the lights dim, the crowd erupts and you cant believe how close you are to the music.

ALT: If the barcade, a few beers and multiple tacos aren’t up your alley indulge on wine and shared plates at Winsome across the street from the venue.


  • They have lots of secret shows that pop up out of nowhere. Follow them on the socials and be prepared to make a quick move.

  • They will be searching you pretty aggressively so be aware in case you’ve got some illegal shit.

  • This place is fun without a concert so hit it up, the late night is usually a good time. ;)

Internal Club Bahia


Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 8.19.53 PM.png